The Evolution of Hip Hop


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Hip Hop is a culture.  It has its own dance style, its own music, its own style of clothes; its own phrases, its own groove, its own feeling, and its own language.  In recent years, hip hop has proved its long lasting presence in our lives through media like our favorite dance shows, our music, and our day to day social functions.  But what do you really know about Hip Hop? Do you know how to dance to it's rhythm? To write and perform it's lyrics? Can you express yourself in art with walls as your canvas? Come up with neck breaking beats? Or control a whole party with your hands? How are you going to contribute to this culture?

The Evolution of Hip Hop, LLC is dedicated to bringing quality and affordable performing arts instruction through Hip-Hop to the Tri-State Area. We will be exploring the past and present of the Hip Hop Elements that include Dance, MCing, DJing, Urban Art, and Beat Making ;and train students to contribute to its future. 

The Evolution of Hip Hop, LLC will teach hip hop history through our variety of dance classes in our spacious studios located in the heart of NYC as well as in schools all over the tri-state area.  We will spread the word of creativity hip-hop can offer and introduce a new exciting way to spend time in a positive environment with positive results. There are many benefits from exploring the arts through part of the Evolution!

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