The Evolution of Hip Hop

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Hip Hop Dance Workshop


During this 2 day workshop we will take students through the evolutionary process using their bodies and rhythm leading up to the appearance of modern hip hop. We will explore dances from the motherland that heavily influenced hip hop dance as we see it today. We will dip and turn into Modern & Jazz dance then explode into a new era with break dancing, popping and locking.

Ages 10 and up


Aug 16th 12pm-4pm & Aug 17th 11am-3pm


Ripley Grier Studio

520 8th Avenue , 17th fl Room 17H

New York, NY

Day 1:

Introductions and Welcome to The Evolution of Hip Hop

African - Learn to let go and listen to the rhythm, hip hop origins

90's Hip Hop - Get a blast from the past to the era when Hip Hop hit the mainstream and became a household name with a fun upbeat old school routine

Street Jazz- Learn the turns and lines that found their way into hip-hop with this popular dance genre

Day 2:

Breakdance- The original Hip Hop Element to represent dance, become a B-boy or B-girl

Music Video Hip Hop -Learn a modern day hip hop routine that you would see in popular music videos today

Modern -Enjoy the genre that added creativity and fluid body movement into Hip Hop Dance moves

Popping - One of Hip Hop's favorites! 

Closing, farewells, and parting gifts!

Price $150

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