The Evolution of Hip Hop

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Hip Hop Workshops & Classes

I am Hip Hop Workshop


2 day workshops exploring the past and present of the Hip Hop Elements that include Dance, Mcing, Djing, and Urban Arts. During the 2 days our Industry Professionals will teach two 1 hour introductory classes in these elements that will wow and amaze any student! We will provide shirts and giveaways for the attendees,all materials needed, and information to take home if they would want to work on any of these elements after the workshop. It would bring you new and exciting skills and broaden your knowledge on the arts.

Available Dates:

July 20th 12pm-4pm & J uly 21st 11am-3pm

August 17th 12pm-4pm & 18th 11am-3pm


Ripley Grier Studio  

520 8th Avenue 10th fl  

New York, NY

Ages 13 and up


Day 1:

Introductions and welcome to The Evolution of Hip Hop, LLC

I am..a DJ- Basic DJ training and knowledge like music theory, song structure, mixing and scratching  to begin DJ journey

I am.. an Artist- Learn history and basics of Graffiti Art with black book sketching, Graffiti lettering and more

I MC-  Become a rapper or sharpen your skills with this introduction to being a lyricist . We will cover the art of "story telling", rap counts "bars", melody ,and more


Day 2:

Breakdance- Learn hip hop origins and intro to breakdancing

I am..a DJ- continued

I am.. an Artist- continued

I MC- continued

Closing, farewells, and parting gifts!  

Price $180


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